Critical Tits

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Postby Sham » 7 years ago

Would ticklable clits be in poor taste? :D

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Postby oneeyeddick » 7 years ago

Not in my opinion... but that would just lead to more segregation.
We have an obligation to make space for everyone, we have no obligation to make that space pleasant.

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Postby Ugly Dougly » 7 years ago

Smegma? Did you say smegma?

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Postby Z » 7 years ago

I heard there were boobs in this thread but I'm too lazy to read the words.

Are there boobs here? Please check one of the following.

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

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Postby OnceTheDustClears » 7 years ago

1. C
3. All of the above.

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Postby lhyr » 7 years ago

critical mass always bugged me: flooding the major roads with bikes so no one can get to work on time and occupying the police with a bunch of bike ninnies who aren't exactly breaking any laws, just clogging up the roads. but doing it, TO MAKE A POINT ABOUT MOBILITY AND SAY YOU SHOULD RIDE A BIKE NOT DRIVE. boy, we sure need that message in black rock city...

having critical mass at burning man, clogging up esplanade and making it a scary environ to be a pedestrian, because a shit-ton of bikes aren't stopping mutant vehicles. they're making it hell for people on foot.

i slept right thru critical tits this year in the nap space on esplanade right by destiny lounge, and it was great. year before, i was out walking and got caught in the middle of it, got clipped a few times by handle bars, and got yelled at a lot. not that i was screwing up empowerment, but that i was a dude and i was ruining other people's photos by being stuck in the middle of a boob tornado.

really, it's like the gays having a parade. out in Default it's good to rub the public's nose in things they try to hide from every now and then, but in black rock city? it's like, "hey! yall are fagots, hunh? why are you marching? who here didn't realize yall are gay? don't you guys run 20% of the city?"

i dunno. i think it boils down to people enjoy having a group bigger than their camp or circle of friends, to get lost in and follow.

but really, if no men are allowed to be empowered at the after party by being accepted, but are asked to turn the fuck around and keep other people from lookin... really, after a naked bike ride around the city, just can't handle having a man look at your tits, even see or glance at your tits, while another stranger who also happens to have boobs paints yours for you while another chick you've never met gives you a back rub, and the guys are the creepers, hunh?

oh, and bacon, the ranger wasn't shitting you: if someone's gone to the fucking trouble of enlisting a bunch of yahoos to hold a perimeter, then they are having a private event, and if you had forced your way into the middle of their ring, a lot of angry tits would have had someone make a big fucking deal about it

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Postby Ugly Dougly » 7 years ago

Wow. Did you just get in?

I liike the image of a "boob tornado".

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Postby Boijoy » 7 years ago

ihry... Just another reason NOT to mix your recreational drugs with too much caffein. :)
don't forget to floss

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