Shade structure material- quick question

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Shade structure material- quick question

Postby Krispy » 7 years ago

Does anyone know what that material with the holes in it is called, to allow the wind to pass through. the military uses it but i have no idea how to find anything about it. hope that makes sense i can picture it but all i can say is its a thick fabric, with half circle wholes where the material just flaps, was thinkin it would work well against the wind.

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Postby motskyroonmatick » 7 years ago

Camo netting?

I just use shade cloth available at agricultural supply places. My opinion is 70% shade is the minimum and that knit shade cloth lasts way longer than woven. In fact I tell people not to buy woven shade cloth only buy knit. Shade cloth can be had in nearly any size and with grommets added it is really great! :)
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Postby Boijoy » 7 years ago

Hiya Krispy, You might just start poking around military surplus places online. You will most likely find it.
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Postby Bluemandrew » 7 years ago

I bought a custom sized piece of 90% shade cloth from here:

I used it to build a monkey hut and it was awesome. Could sleep all day if I wanted to.

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Postby Sail Man » 7 years ago

Another option is aluminet, pricier then camo though.
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