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Signature links

Postby trystanthegypsy » 6 years ago

If I have a link to my website in my signature, and that website contains a number of things such as photos/stories as well as links to my clothing line, is that considered bad commerce karma? I would really like to have everything in one place and share some of it.... rather than building 2 seperate pages.

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Postby LeChatNoir » 6 years ago

Direct links in a tagline to a business only site seems off-putting to me, personally. A link to a site that that isn’t strictly business, but contains links to you business stuff seems more tasteful… again to me personally.

Referrals within an eplaya post to business sites when a product or service might be of interest to one’s experience of Burning Man is acceptable under the TOS. I’ve seen people post their own sites as “referralsâ€
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Postby ygmir » 6 years ago

I could see, for some here, the acceptability being directly related to the amount of nudity, or random wackiness, of said website........

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Postby AntiM » 6 years ago

Taglines which link to commerce are not okay, unless you are offering free services to burners. Otherwise, the mods (like me) kill the posts and ask you nicely to refrain. Pure spammers get bounced. Some burner links fall into grey areas if the links are not too direct. Still, nit a good practice and can violate the TOS. I'd have to see it.

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Postby Elderberry » 6 years ago

That's a good idea. PM the link to AntiM and she can tell you for sure.

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