MEGATROPOLIS - Final fundraising push

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MEGATROPOLIS - Final fundraising push

Post by Peacekeeper » Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:54 am

Hey Everybody...

After much planning, scheming, toiling, pleading, and even some standing on soapboxes with megaphones, the Megatropolis crew has raised just over 20,000 dollars to fund our dangerously ambitious project. Yet, although we hope to raise even more over the coming few months with two fundraisers in the Bay Area and in Reno, and though we have units cutting deals with every lumberyard and tool rental place west of the Rockies, we think we will still come up about 7500 dollars short of where we need to be...

And so, though it puts a dent in our otherwise gleaming armour of radical self-reliance, we are appealing to you - the citizens of BRC, to help us make up this slack!

We have launched a fundraising campaign via a site called Kickstarter. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it works like this - if We set a target, in this case 7500. You pledge a donation. If we hit our funding target, your pledge is released to the project, and it goes ahead. If we DON'T hit our target, your pledge is returned to you at no cost. This allows potential donors to be certain that if they support the project, the money will only be released when the project is sure to happen!

7500 sounds like a lot of money, and it is - but if every fan of this project were to contribute only $10, we'd be pretty much there! And to sweeten the deal, in best Burning Man tradition, contributions will be rewarded with a range of tasteful schwag - oh, schwag; my favourite thing...

Please help us make this project a reality by contributing what you can. Think about it like this - would you love to see this project on playa? would thousand of other burners love it too? if your answer is yes, then any donation, however small, can help make that glorious image a towering reality at BM2010!

Please follow the link below to our fundraising page, and even consider reposting the link anywhere you think the project would feel the love...

Much Love, the Megatropolis Crew


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Post by kiwi54 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:32 am

Hey all you Mega Citizens and Enthusiasts. After our success at the Burning Man Desert Art Preview in San Francisco, we are on track to a successful Megatropolis ignition!!

Presently we've set up the pre-playa construction needs here in Sparks N.V. at the BRIBH.
Our Megatropolis Fun-Raiser's are now set up for San Francisco 7/17/2010 at CELLSPACE, check it out; and Reno 7/31/2010 at the beloved Broken Spoke, brought to you by the JUB-JUB crew!!

We held a very enthusiastic Megatropolis task force meeting yesterday which resulted in everyone being inspired to take this project to the next level of intensity........

Soon we will have opportunity's for inspired Artists, volunteers, and City dwellers to provide their ideas, expressions, and support for this Mega project....

Remember this is YOUR City. The City within a City for Burning Man 2010, built by YOU, BURNED TO THE GROUND by any means necessary!!

Thank you one and all for your generous donations and support and please spread the word so others can join in the fun of being part of this Mega City.

Happy ignition Megatropolis!!

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Post by MEGATROPOLIS » Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:15 pm

Hey there every one

MEGATROPOLIS is well under construction with the Pyramid Tower framed up and ready for the ply wood cladding

Kickstarter is 60% pledged with 13 days to go so please head over there and kick in with as much as you can

MEGATROPOLIS WILL BURN...but we need your help to purchase lumber and plywood to make this happen.....

We all like BIG fires right!?

also check out ... 809?v=wall

Thanks to every one for your support for this project rock
Build it and they will come to watch it BURN

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Post by kiwi54 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:05 am

Hey there MEGAcitizens

Here are a couple of images of the pre playa build here at the Burner Hostel in Sparks, Nevada....

We have used up a lot of lumber and desperately need more....

Our Kickstarter is nearing it's completion date and is very close to our goal of $7500 but as you all know that amount is only a portion of what it will take to realize this magnificent city in the desert.....

Please support this project and you will be justly rewarded by a HUGELY interactive art installation and an even BIGGER fire.......

[img][img] ... 314622.jpg[/img]

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