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Postby toaster » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:49 am

This year I am bringing my first installation to the playa, but I am having a hell of a time with funding. I ran 2 fundraisers in my community, both failed miserable. What I learned, and I learned a lot, is that I can throw a good party but getting people to come and cough up money for something labeled a fund raiser is murder in Vegas; maybe suicide is a better word.

I see the folks in SFO have some really supportive and art driven communities, while many people here are struggling so bad and other issues they just don't have room to be supportive.

Well, in a recent release of the JRS they talked about Kickstarter.Com for art funding. I posted my project at the beginning of the month and getting word out for it is going slow. Maybe some peeps on this board will be kind enough to help me spread the word and maybe reach my goal.

I found a company here in Vegas called GreenerVegas.Org that has a lot of materials for art and art projects that recycle and repurpose materials. I am going to visit them Monday to see if I can get some of my materials from them.

Want to see the project? Link: ... lith-based

That's it as it appears on Kickstarter. I am also listed on the Burning Man site, BurningMan Earth and Support Art Projects. I'm all official, but have limited fiscal resources to finish. Logistics and the plan is all set. It's all materials needed now.

Peace & Love all...
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Fundraising is hell

Postby Empress Rosa » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:11 am

Toaster....I have been a burner for 11 years and an artist. I fund my projects myself and it seems like the only support you can get is for
really big artworks. I am writing to tell you of two of my small projects
for 2010. The Tiny Toaster Museum which I hope you will visit and
I have a special gift for you Look at post on eplaya and I am also doing
a wall participation project as part of MEGATROPOLIS see Rock n Roll
art post. Best bet for you is to find like minded folks who want to put
in some bucks and help you with your idea. Good Luck and may the
gods of make it happen be upon you!

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