Mannequin Madness!! :D

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Mannequin Madness!! :D

Postby Myliatronic » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:35 pm

Hi friends!

I am helping with the honoraria project "Intersection" for this years burn ( ) and just launched a Kickstarter page to help with our costs. We are hard at work to bring this interactive project to the playa and could really use your help covering some of the cost! We deeply appreciate any contribution you are able to make, and will of course reward you with Intersection goodies (stickers, buttons, prints, clothing, dinner on the playa, etc.)

We are also offering the opportunity for you to own one of the customized mannequins we are creating for the project. They each have a functional speaker for a face and will be dressed in custom, texturally creative costumes. We will include an amplifier so you can use them as a speaker in your home. Originally, we planned on selling a few of them after the burn to help soften the financial blow of the project, but this way there is more of a direct exchange of energies- your help directly makes Intersection happen, we let you keep a piece of it in return.

If you are interested in our project and find yourself blessed with abundance, please take a moment to visit our kickstarter page and donate any amount you are able (even $1 helps!).

Much Love and I'll see you on the playa!


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