Promote your performance or installation with a PSA on BMIR

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Promote your performance or installation with a PSA on BMIR

Postby Bobzilla » Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:04 pm

BMIR-FM, 94.5 is The Voice of the Man and is one of the best way to let
Black Rock City know about your performances and art installations

If someone in your camp is an audio wizard, we are now accepting
pre-recorded announcements. We would LOVE to have them in hand before we leave for the playa so we can start running them on the air ASAP.

Not sure how to record something ahead of time? No worries! J Kanizzle, BMIR's Production Manager has put together this handy tutorial that shows you how to download and configure Audacity, a free audio recording program. The tutorial then takes you through the basics of creating your very own announcement.

The tutorial can be found at :

Once you have something recorded please email before August 21st to :

Remember to let people know the basics : what, where and when. Please
keep announcements under 60 seconds and send them to us in .mp3 or .wav format.

Can't make the August 21st deadline? You can also put your announcements on a CD or flash drive and hand deliver them to us on the playa. BMIR is located in Center Camp, on the Ring Road at 1:00, right between the Rangers and The Department of Mutant Vehicles.

Now if you just can't pull this off, no worries. The BMIR Production
Office will be open every day from 12N to 4PM during the event. You can
come in and we'll help you record an announcement right on the playa.

See you on the playa and remember to bring an FM radio!
BMIR Station Manager

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"Water is your Friend"

Postby orangepeelmoses » Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:25 am

hopin' to finish cuttin' a tune called "Water is Your Friend"

Water is your friend, kids
especially when it's hot
like when you're in the desert
you should drink a lot
drink so much you piss clear
no yellow in the pot
yes water is your friend, kids
dehydration's not


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