Create "living" design in my collaborative group G

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Create "living" design in my collaborative group G

Post by mscileppi » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:36 am

Let's make some art together!

We're looking for lots of "human brushes" for Living Brushstroke, a collaborative group drawing for the week of Burning Man that uses GPS technology, people and data visualization software.

It seeks to answer the question, what does community look like when visualized and abstracted? How do our actions translate into a design narrative?

Your GPS data will be turned into "living" design and projected nightly at Ashram Galactica (7:30 and E).

The goal is to get as many people as possible "drawing" on the earth. Please forward this on to your favorite burners.

In order to participate you'll need a GPS tracking device that outputs NMEA files. You can buy one from my site or provide your own. Participants must register on my site AHEAD OF TIME.

San Franciscans: There will be a participation party/fundraiser August 6th at the Sycamore. ... 130&ref=ts

Want to show some love?

See you on the playa canvas!
Dusty Love,



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