Prep in Berkeley on Aug 15, noon-???, Hexayurts

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Prep in Berkeley on Aug 15, noon-???, Hexayurts

Postby chongman99 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:46 pm

This year I'm playing with the idea of making hexayurts and trying different ideas of structures based on hexagons. Some out of R-Tuff foam. I might try some out of wood or a mixture of wood, foam, and other materials.

On Aug 15th, I'll be working on this in Berkeley, CA, USA at Ohlone Park, near MLK and Hearst St.

If you are interested or are also working on Hexayurts, please show up and we can synergize our preparations. Or, if you are new and want to see some people fucking up BEFORE they get on the playa, come hang out.

Message me at if you'd like to come, or just show up.

I am trying out starting a theme camp around Hexayurts and other hexagonal structures (I think honeycombing them together adds super strength) which will be at 3:00pm and E. If you want a place to camp, I have space for about 5 more.

The main Hexayurt thread is here:
Google hexayurt for the design plans.

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