LEtsGO Lounge has room for ... you?

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LEtsGO Lounge has room for ... you?

Post by clerkkent » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:35 am

Our small and cozy camp had some recent drop outs due to economic issues (mainly the lost job, no money variety). Thus we have space for a few prepared burners.

Ideal campmates would be fun, self sufficient, laid back/drama free, & non smoking (at least in camp). You have your camping gear, food, water, clothing and ticket ready to go. We strive to have synergy between all the campmates. We don’t need hang out every minute of the day, but when we see each other, we enjoy each other’s company and strive to help each other. We can recount our experiences over a communal meal, and if one of us has had too much libations, we know that our campmates have our back.

The LEtsGO Lounge has gallons and gallons of Lego for people to come in and build art cars or whatnot, while having drinks, shooting the breeze, etc. anchored by two geo domes, which would be heart of the camp infrastructure. There would be no required hours to work, no $$ deposits needed, and it won't be a full time, loud music, boisterous bar..... basically, if you're hanging out at the camp, it would be 'open', and if no one is at the camp, then it is ' closed'. We are all probably going to be busy running around the Playa getting into trouble anyway. We have a few events that are listed in the guide, but otherwise it would be ‘self serve’.

If this interests you, drop us a line. Tell us about yourself, and what you bring to the mix. If you're coming from the S.F. Bay Area, we could use help toting some of the camp infrastructure and/or bicycles. We're based in Fairfield , in Solano county, East bay.


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