Share your words, poems or inspiration for my art project!

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Share your words, poems or inspiration for my art project!

Postby wylde_s » Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:08 pm

I am doing a small gifting art project where i will be printing fellow burners words of wisdom, poems, inspiration or whatever it is that they wish to share via words on small colored and textured wood laminate tiles (shaped like a small playing card). I will be dry point printing a small simple image in regards to the event opposite side of the tile.

Each one can hold up to about 30 words in small font (more if you wish it to be smaller or on two tiles together). I will most likely be stringing them as necklaces, or something it can be hung on.

I still really need help by having as many people submit their thoughts to me. It can be simple, complex, wise, funny, or just plain random. I can include your name or alias on the card or just keep it anonymous. You can send them to be via email and if you have a color preference to give more feeling or emotion to your words, i can do what i can to best fit what you would like.

Thanks Everyone! I hope to hear your words![color=darkred][/color]
share your words

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