Don't Panic Camp Seeking Skippers!

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Don't Panic Camp Seeking Skippers!

Postby 0mShantiLeigh » Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:03 pm

Yes. You know that feeling. That feeling you get when you skip. That feeling that floods your being with pure giggling bliss. Well, if you love to skip--and you would love even more to unite with linked arms for a skipping adventure--let's get your endorphins pumping! Put on your comfy shoes and gather at the 6:00 & Florence Bus Stop on Tuesday for the INCREDIBLE SKIPPING PARADE. We will depart in the afternoon when the sun has decended to a far enough angle not to parch your throat. Hopefully, this will be the biggest skipping parade ever!

-Don't forget your hydration pack!
-Extra points if you wear a Tutu!
-Extra, Extra points if you bring a Kazoo!
-Note: Not reccommended for asthmatics or wheezers unless you have your inhaler.

Hosted by:
Don't Panic Camp (6:00 & Florence)
Tuesday, when it starts to cool down (just in case you didn't catch that above.)
If the earth did not suck we would fall off.

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