The Birgin Diaries - Need your first-timer stories for BMIR

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The Birgin Diaries - Need your first-timer stories for BMIR

Postby stephgreenwill » Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:57 pm

Do you have an awesome Birgin story? (That's virgin Burner, dude.) There's a new show on BMIR where we will be collecting the best stories from Birgins and interviewing them along seasoned Burners with a great story of how they came to be such. Tell me how you heard about Burning Man, how you packed, how you traveled and what you expect. Then we'll choose the best to interview on air and/or broadcast on Tuesday morning at 4:00 AM and recap on Sunday morning at 8:00 after The Man burns.

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Birgin tales

Postby orangepeelmoses » Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:59 am

this one time...
at Burning Man;)

I went out on my bike to explore,
wearin' little more than scratch & sniff panties
and a flourescent orange fisherman's hat

because it was overcast,
I thought I didn't need to wear sunscreen...

Sunscreen Camp saved my hide
by pulling me over and rectifying the situation

lubed up and ready to go,
I headed straight into the center
towards the Man

soon after,
a ginormous dust storm kicked up...

visibility was low
so I peddled to the nearest structure I could find,
which happened to be a group of strangers
about to serve dinner

although I was a complete stranger to them,
they gladly took me in...

not only that,
they hydrated me,
fed me,
massaged me,

quintessential BM IMO


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