Audio Art Tour and PDF Guide to the Art now posted!

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Audio Art Tour and PDF Guide to the Art now posted!

Postby anarchistjim » Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:47 am

For all of you that want to see exactly how much the art is going to kick ass this year, we've got a couple ways to hear and see it.

The mp3 Audio Art Tour 2010 is now posted, and includes 31 installations:

And for the first time ever, there's a PDF Guide to the Art! This has concept art, build photos, info on the artists, and much more in it's 125 pages. Check it out and if you like it, and since it's new, let other folks in your community know it exists. Post the links far and wide. :-) ... t_2010.pdf

(or if that doesn't work: )

Anarchist Jim
BM Art Tour Team

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Already using the guide! Thanks Anarchist :)

Postby tophersbride » Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:32 pm

The new PDF guide has already added something useful and enlightening to our group.

I printed out a copy of the guide as soon as it was ready because I wanted to have one. My husband and I went through it cover to cover the night I brought it home. We were amazed at the amount of information we had always been missing each year while at the event.

We have always attended for the art. Every morning we get up and ride our bikes as far as we can go and just marvel at whatever we find. It was only after the event that I'd happen upon some info about one of the artists I enjoyed so much on the playa. It wasn't because the information wasn't out there somewhere, it was finding it. Your guide has taken this to a whole new level and it's a great addition.

As you know, we will be giving Deep Playa Art Tours with the kinetic sculptures this year. Our plan consisted of aimlessly wandering around out there and just finding stuff and saying "Wow, that's cool."

With your printed guide in my hands a plan finally dawned on us. We put together a notebook with the guide. Now the cabbies will have something in camp to refer to. They can take a look at the guide and get to know the artists and when they give tours they can tell others a bit about the piece and maybe even the artist name.

As for the folks taking the tours, they can take a look at the guide and plan what they would like to see and figure out how long the tour will take by using the map you provided.

I have already personally used the guide to find a meeting place for another tour we're doing.

What can I say? It's awesome! Thank you so much for putting this together for the event. You have added a new dimension to our burn this year Please come by and see us on the playa. I know everyone in our camp would love to meet you :)

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