The DCBurner Choir Presents The BEST SHOW EVER!

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The DCBurner Choir Presents The BEST SHOW EVER!

Postby Souley » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:20 am

We've done it again! Created a musical about everything we love to hate on about burning, photography, hippies, polyamorist, yoga teachers, muppets and much much more! Now with more drug references!! :shock:
If you're a musical theater nerd you'll be clutching your sides the entire time and gasping at our irreverent use of classic show tunes. If you've never even heard of Les Mis then we've packed some pop culture references and burner ethos for an hour of snarky sparkly fuzzy burner musical wit, whimsy and mind bending humor! :lol:
This is the 5th full length musical production of the DC Burner Choir - and this year was truly the BEST SHOW EVER! The last time we brought a show to Burning Man was Z-Spot: A Zombie Music in 2006 to much undead hype and acclaim! :roll: Join us this year and we promise to entertain you with boobies, song and dance as the DC Burner Choir very proudly presents:

The Best Show Ever!!!
Thursday September 2
Center Camp Stage

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