Letter Boxing in BRC?

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Postby Scrofulous » 7 years ago

The dusty city, created from dust, alive for one week, and then to dust it will return. A unique civilization, civilized or uncivilized, civil or not. On 3 near fossil, a barbarian challenge - feats of strength and agility, plus a bit of swordplay - for those who are brave and strong. For those simply interested in a stamp, look for a skeletal hand on a box of gold, and please remember to stamp our book in return!

Our box and obstacle course are family friendly.

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Re: Letter Boxing in BRC?

Postby LostinReno » 7 years ago

Scrofulous wrote:Just curious if anybody is interested in setting up letter boxes in BRC? If you don't know what letter boxing is I suggest you check out this:
It doesn't look like there are any at Burny Man but I find that hard to believe.
It would be fun if a large number of camps set up letter boxes and then registered them at the artery.

Anyone Interested?

Very cool!
Actually there are letterbox hybrid geocaches out there (I think 4-5 in Reno if your passing through this way). Scorfulous, there are going to be a lot of geocachers out there also. And yes, having a GPS is a godsend when you have your camp marked and need to find your way back when nothing looks familiar! LOL! There are two geocaching events going on, the Black Rock Beacon is having a hunt with coordinates every morning in the paper and our camp is having an event Thursday morning, 10am at 6 & the Man, making our way back to our camp for morning cocktails! I'm not too sure how letterboxing.org is on posting temporary letterboxes, geocaching.com wouldn't let us so we had to just go with the events. Hope to see you out there!

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Postby Scrofulous » 7 years ago

Author: Scrofulous Profile Contact Logbook
Location: Black Rock City, NV (United States) [MapQuest] [Yahoo! Maps] [Google Maps]
Plant Date: August 27, 2009
Clue Last Updated: August 27, 2009

Status: active (Last found: Never)

Very cryptic clue passed on to me to post here for other burners. Box only exists during Burning Man 2009.

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Hat tip to Finnegan.
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Postby Scrofulous » 7 years ago

Lost in Reno thanks for the tip. I know nothing about geocaching. Well slightly more than nothing but only the concept. Sounds like a very interesting project especially the morning cocktails.
Don't sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things.

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Another Box: Booby Bar!

Postby Janet Planet » 7 years ago

There is another Black Rock CIty box on Atlasquest.com: The Booby Box!

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Postby mars » 6 years ago

I'm reviving this old thread cuz I was lucky enough to meet Janet Planet at BM last year and get turned on to Letterboxing.

I've had a really fun year finding letterboxes all around my hometown and then on a trip to Kauai.

I've just made a box for BM 2010 and posted it on Atlas Quest. There are 8 other boxes listed there! Should be a great year for Letterboxing in Black Rock City!
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