BASSCAMP reveals stage designs!

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BASSCAMP reveals stage designs!

Postby markonius » 6 years ago

Well....we're in our eleventh hour as we do last minute preparations. BASSCAMP welcomes all new campers. Interested in camping with us? We will be providing Shower stalls (must bring own water), power 24/7 Sun-Sun and private bathrooms, all for $50! Come get to know good peeps and kick it with one of the newest and bang'n camps at 2:00 and Detroit.

Please visit our website to register:

click link below to reveal BASSCAMP Stage:

There has been some new changes to the BASSCAMP Lineup
click link below to reveal BASSCAMP artist lineup for both Night and Daytime parties!

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Postby wwonka » 6 years ago

so is the special guest bassnectar, or did you guys lose him?

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Postby TBZ » 6 years ago

[quote="wwonka"]so is the special guest bassnectar, or did you guys lose him?[/quote]

BN will be playing

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Postby Ogdenhousedj » 6 years ago

I cant wait to see (and play) on this amazing piece of art provided by my friends and familys hard work thank you to all involved.

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