Seeking models for photography-playa sunrise with bubbles

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Seeking models for photography-playa sunrise with bubbles

Postby zifra » 6 years ago

I envision nudes dancing in a field of bubbles lit by the sunrise on the playa. I have 2 bubble machines which should make a cloud of shiny bubbles for you to dance in.

My photographer is my partner, a professional photographer and very mellow guy. You can see some of his work at rodmphoto dot com.

If you are interested in modeling please let me know. zifralogic at yahoo dot com

Either way stop by some afternoon for a Lemonade!


Cannot wait top get home!

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Postby Zeebs » 6 years ago

oh, this sounds like a lovely idea. I will try and drift by.
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Postby LindseyRaeFace » 6 years ago

That sounds beautiful! ill email you :)

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Postby SunSunFlowerFlower » 6 years ago

This sounds awesome! I'd love to help out :D

sadie bloom
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Postby sadie bloom » 6 years ago

I would love to model in the bubbles! Where and when shall I be there?

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bubble sunrise

Postby orangepeelmoses » 6 years ago

hubba, hubba:)


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Postby lilicarabina » 6 years ago

im called Bubblelicius around BM friends. that's because i always do bubbles everywhere. i also have an sticker with the frase: make bubbles no war.
i tryed to make a bubble meeting 2 BM ago and was very cute... but the bubble don't go up in that desert.... i tryed so hard.... and no way... with machine specially, never go up, they just sink.
ill stop by to see if u had more lucky that me
when u will do this?

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