Playa Events at Ludo O'Dillo's Publick House!

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Playa Events at Ludo O'Dillo's Publick House!

Postby ArmadilloPuttanesca » Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:10 am

Ludo O'Dillo's Publick House and Celtic Cinema will be at Burning Man, located at 4:30 and Detroit. Just look for the Irish Pub with the red door!

Please join us for a pint or a shot of whiskey and enjoy our Celtic movies and music! Try your luck at a game of darts or checkers!

Write a limerick in our book and read it to the Pub patrons and we'll gie you a Guinness!
Our schedule at Burning Man:
Monday through Friday 8:00pm - 2:00am: The Pub will be open! Check the blackboard in front for movies and showtimes.

Tuesday 3:00pm - 4:00pm: Whiskey Tasting! Think you know your whiskey? Sample several whiskeys in a blind taste test. Guess which one is which and win a fabulous prize!

Wednesday 3:00pm - 5:00pm: Story Telling! Calling all Storytellers! If you have a gift for the blarney, join Ludo as he spins tales from the auld sod. The Emerald Isle has a rich oral tradition, and Ludo O’Dillo’s is proud to bring it to the playa. Have a cool draught to wet your whistle, or a shot of whiskey to smooth your delivery as you share your stories, songs, jokes and jests over a pint.

Thursday 8:00pm - 2:00am: Catholic School Girl Night! Join our sexy Catholic school girls, nasty nuns and perverted priests for a pint and watch one of our classic Irish horror films! Check the marquee outside the Pub for movies and showtimes! Don’t forget to wear your plaid skirt!

Friday 2:00pm - 4:00pm: Irish Music Seisiún! Bring your fiddle, bodhrán, uilleann pipes, flute or other instruments and join us for an Irish traditional music seisiún! Or just bring your voice and sing a song! Even if you’re not a musician, stop by for a pint and enjoy the music!

Don't forget our fundraiser! Donate $10 through our website and receive a handy stainless steel, insulated mug with a lid and a carabiner as our thank you gift! Perfect for hanging on your camelbak, belt or nipple ring! You can pick it up when you visit the Pub on the Playa and we will fill it with beer for you! Or, for a small shipping fee, we’ll mail it to you.

Check it out!
(and please sign our guestbook while your there!)

Find us on Tribe:

and Facebook: ... 369&v=info

We hope to see you on the Playa!

Slainte! (Cheers!)

Armadillo & Ludo

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