Tagger needed!

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Tagger needed!

Postby champchild23 » 6 years ago

NEED to get a hold of anyone talented in the art of TAGGING! I'd like a little finishing touch to add to a project this year. "Blackrock Bijou" Let Me Know!!!


P.S. Were in LA if you want to do it before we get there. Either way, please respond if you're up for it.

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ill tag whatever you want

Postby TERROR » 6 years ago

Hey I just sent you a email, let me know if you still need help with you project... ill be happy to help out with the tagging part... I'm a graffiti artist here in los angeles..

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Postby Token » 6 years ago

I dunno, guy can't spell his own name ...


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Postby junglesmacks » 6 years ago

Token wrote:I dunno, guy can't spell his own name ...


Savannah wrote:It sounds freaky & wrong, so you need to do it.

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Postby mudpuppy000 » 6 years ago

Just park your shit in downtown LA, it'll be tagged in no time. :D

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Postby gyre » 6 years ago

I've been tagging gang graffiti.

Not sure they appreciate my "art".

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