Mid-week water gun fight

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Mid-week water gun fight

Postby trevm37 » 6 years ago

It has been many, many years since I engaged in a nice water gun fight, and I suggest to all of you to join in. Anyone is welcome, please bring your own gun, because there wont be many extra.

Location: 9:00 and esplanade
Time: Wednesday at 2pm.

Thank you

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Postby lucky420 » 6 years ago

oh fun, thanks. will try and make it.

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Postby Finnegan » 6 years ago

bring your own gun, because there wont be many extra.

What? You're not bringing 10,000 light saber squirt guns for us? I guess I'll have to bring my own 10,000 then.
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Postby oscillator » 6 years ago

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