Mr. Moo Moo art car where are thee?

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Mr. Moo Moo art car where are thee?

Postby JesusHPeck » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:50 pm

This year out at Burning Man 2010 there was an art car of a huge cow, actually it was a steer, but it was painted black and white and looked like a dairy cow. It was standing straight up on all four legs and you got inside of it by climbing up its butt. You then got to ride around in its belly looking out the sides. It had really cool laser lights on its belly and red eyes. I think it shot flame works from its ears too and smoke from the nostrils, but i never saw it happen. Anyway, im looking for the owner of that art car so if anybody knows who, how or when i can get in contact with them that would be awesome!! Thanks and what an awesome burn this year!!

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