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Post by Eklypz » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:17 am

Reading this thread with great interest as I ponder popping my BM art cherry, so hope this question isn't a thread jack. I am in the concept stage also on my project and one of my ideas is to have dim lightning for safety but to put pressure plates around it about 20 feet diameter of the project that cause larger lights to shine when the trap is sprung (yes, I was really inspired by the human mousetrap this year :D). Now, my question is that maybe would the pressure plate light trap be adequate for lighting? I have read and re-read everything on the BM site about lighting. It would be very cool to have my piece just spring up at night when triggered as I am hoping to be able to place it deep playa. Of course, I can ask artery but wonder what popular opinion may be about that.

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Post by Mosin » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:31 pm

My wife and I are also in the concept stage for a 2011 art contrubution, and are thinking of using el wire for a diffused ground effect (if you will...not up on the terminology) with a ring of solar leds for added safety/visibility. My main concern about the el wire is how often I will need to replace it (if at all) due to theft? It will be well mounted...perhaps even epoxied in places, so it won't be just hanging out in the open, but after seeing many an art piece on the playa clearly pillaged of one or another lighting component I just want to be prepared with sufficient replacements. So to the vets out there... how common is lighting theft? TIA!
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