It's national pancake day. What's YOUR fave playa breakfast?

What do you eat and drink on the playa? Share ideas, recipes and advice here.
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Postby Mojojita » 5 years ago

Cook to order omelets and a Bloody Mary bar with all the fixin's - tomato and pepper flavored vodkas, dill beans, A-1, worstershire, etc.....

Found a really easy way to do individual omelets for a crowd. Set out additives such as crumbled bacon, scallions, cheese, etc..., then each person put eggs and additives in a ziploc and sharpie name on bag. Throw into a big boiling pot of water with everybody elses bag, retrieve in a few minutes and eat. Really is very good and little mess, can eat right out of the bag - eggs are tender.

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Postby FIGJAM » 5 years ago

Hard boiled eggs with Tabasco.
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Postby jcliff » 5 years ago

almonds! They're protein packed and I can take them on the run (not that I'm running at the start of my day on the playa.)

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Postby teardropper » 5 years ago

The fried baloney sandwiches at the 9 o'clock plaza. There's also coffee right across the way from them. Mmmm. Also the cereal at the 3 o'clock plaza.

If I'm not going out, I bring precooked bacon and boiled eggs and good coffee. Delicious. But not every day.
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Postby psychoalpha » 5 years ago

Best breakfast last year was tempeh hash that my amazing campmates made with garlic, peppers, and broccoli. And potatoes. And hot sauce. God DAMN.

Barring that, I'm fine with just a cup of strong coffee and some instant oatmeal with dried fruit.

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