Need Tips:Playa Porch

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Yobi Bear
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Need Tips:Playa Porch

Postby Yobi Bear » 5 years ago

Ok, I've got the to build my Playa Porch.I saw many Burners with PVC pipe quanset huts. I think I have the jist of it. Tell me if I need to modify.

1. foot and 1/2 rebar bent at the end that the PVS ends can fit over space about 5 feet apart on either side
2. 20 ft PVC piping (spine for the middle
3. a tarp or canvas
4. bunjees that hook into a loop to go over the rebar where it meets the bottom

I'm looking for inexpensive solutions and I know someone out there knows just how to pull this off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Burners!
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Sic Pup
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Postby Sic Pup » 5 years ago

This worked fine for me in 2010:

I did the extension to shade my tent (and secured it to the ground by parking my car on the tarp).

A campmate substituted zip-ties for the bungie balls, no problems.
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