Anyone Going to Flip Side from the south east?

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Anyone Going to Flip Side from the south east?

Postby free.raven » 5 years ago

My friend and i are going to backpack the country starting with flip side and i was looking for an open car. we can help drive as well as gas and food. we are from GA but can meet any state around. i am a 24 year old girl and they are 21 year old male. really nice people. please let me know <3

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greetings and salutations

Postby karmakiller » 5 years ago

8) Very happy to hear about your group's upcoming adventure. I don't have tickets to Flipside although it is very close by. I am going to Black Rock and maybe will see you there. If you need shelter and sustenance while visiting Central Texas9or, perhaps, even a lift) you can drop me an email at Peace, KK
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