Any Colorado Burners going to flipside and Apogaea

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Any Colorado Burners going to flipside and Apogaea

Postby free.raven » 5 years ago

I was looking for some Colorado burners to camp with in Tx and apogeae.

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illy dilly
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Postby illy dilly » 5 years ago

We are talking about going to Apogaea. But Its still sorta up in the air. Not too sure since it is about a month away.
Need to figure it out soon.
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Postby curiousgnate » 5 years ago

I'm going to both. I live in Denver. We are camping with a camp recommended by a friend at Flipside, but are not in a position to ask for others, but I would just tell you that you don't need a camp just go find a nice spot (poison ivy free at flipside) and set up. As for Apogaea, again just camp and you will have friends, and come by the Dong Gong Show and sing your favorite karaoke song, but watch out it better be good or our dong might hit the gong!
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Postby Miles » 5 years ago

I'm heading to Apogaea, solo at this point, but trying to find a ticket for my GF- they just sold out online.
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Postby FaeTora » 5 years ago

Curious - if you go to flipside, and you go to sparkadelica- give Lily, Puzz and shortcake a hug from me. They are great people to hang out with.
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