to go, or not to go? crap.

Share your pictures and video. Tell us about the sights, sounds, and scents, as well as the rumors and truths found at Burning Man.
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Postby AntiM » 6 years ago

Watch out for ticket scammers. Read he sticky on how to buy a ticket.

Poke me to experience my gooey insides!

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Re: Me too!

Postby Rice » 6 years ago

OatmealMama wrote:I've known about BurningMan for several years, and know some local people that put on their own events there.

However, I am a 34 year old mother of five, and feel a little apprehensive about going on my own. I just don't know who else (like minded friends!?) that I could invite. And maybe, I just want to be alone...

If a ticket falls in my lap, I'm there!

Good luck!

Being a parent is an excuse FOR going!!! Hell, I have 2 kids and I would not miss a burn for anything...

Some of my best burner experiences have happened while wandering around by myself. ;)

Hoping you get that ticket!!!

love Rice

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Postby Finnegan » 6 years ago

Now where are my tickets?

Time to start a "Need a miracle" thread! It always works.
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I went

Postby OatmealMama » 5 years ago

How do I go back???

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Laughing Forest
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Postby Laughing Forest » 5 years ago

Just ask for what you need.

The universe always provides.

I'm proof of that.

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Postby robbidobbs » 5 years ago

Token wrote:Your going to pick up anchor and spend nine months on another continent, which I assume you haven't done before ...

... But you have butterflies about going back to the Playa.

Hmm ... Interesting.

Here is a plan. Go with your non-ex group.

Day 1 - Do a greeters shift.
Day 2 - Do a disgruntled postal delivery shift
Day 3 - Do an ice slinger shift in Arctica

See what happens the rest of the week.

Maybe it helps you push your personal envelope a bit and help you the rest of the year.

Day 4 - work for RobbiDobbs on Poop-Patrol. See the City, Learn everything you want to know, help keep the Man alive, have very high cool value and brag to your campmates.

Make it happen.
I'll be in my blanket fort until further notice.

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Re: to go, or not to go? crap.

Postby OatmealMama » 4 years ago

Did you go?

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