Any ashtanga yogis who want to get together for practice?

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Any ashtanga yogis who want to get together for practice?

Post by berlinchameleon » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:21 pm

hello there,

let me introduce myself quickly:
My name is Christine the chameleon - coming over from Berlin for my first and long-awaited burn.

Who am I? Still in progress of finding out...
How do I spend my time? I love my job as a producer / filmmaker, my life as a practising ashtanga yogi, whenever possible traveler, allweather and everyday explorer, passionate Bavarian beer drinker and good food lover with developed senses for blissful moments, sheer happiness and social behavior…

I would love to keep up my daily practice on the playa... not the regular complete practice due to the conditions but at least stay connected everyday. Any Yogis out there who would like to get together to practice? I have not found anything on the board yet, but perhaps there already is a place / group of yogis who are in touch?

An if not, why not start it?

I will be with the Green Tortoise for my first burn since our small Berlin Birgins group travels on a longer Westcoast trip.

happy to hear from you and see you @ home

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Post by essjay » Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:36 am

There is A LOT of yoga on the Playa. You may not have had too many replies because you are looking for ashtanga and I, personally, am not interested in that style on the playa. You will have no trouble finding more yoga per day than you can handle if you look for it. Just check the guide they give you at the gate.

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