Altai shelter

Ideas, advice, tips, and tricks regarding shelter, shade, tents, and camping. Yes, this includes RV's too.
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Altai shelter

Postby al6677 » 5 years ago

Anyone tried one of these on the playa?

Any experience at all with them?


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Re: Altai shelter

Postby Bob » 5 years ago

Says "most suited to ... more protected terrain, but it can also stand up to harsh weather year ‘round", so I'd clarify with the manufacturer what that means, as well as what the overall footprint is when you stake all the provided guy points, whether it's suitable to drape shade cloth over it, and whether you're likely to void the warranty using it in the open desert with strong wind gusts. Looks cute, though.
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Re: Altai shelter

Postby Savannah » 5 years ago

Haven't seen that shade before. Hm . . . no reviews, and no mention of wind. Those two things would make me keep searching right there. I would google the item until I found reviews. Secondly, usually manufacturers brag about it when an item stands up to wind (or other very specific weather) well. They don't even mention the word "wind".

Does anyone else think the shape and lack of flow might make it hot and stuffy inside, like a tent? And that it looks like it would catch wind too well?

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Re: Altai shelter

Postby Elorrum » 5 years ago

Best benefit I see is the weight for the size of it, (6 pounds is pretty amazing) which might not be such a big deal for a car camper. Might interest those coming on airplanes. It isn't really standing height except near the center, with the sides being 43". Would be a neat evening hanging out cave perhaps.

So for shade, it would be mainly sitting shade, and could be a bit of a baking experience unless there was a way to roll up the bottom and get some more airflow.

I think with good guying out and sturdy poles, it could shed the wind as well as a cabin tent. People camping in snowy places, get snowstorms and those can be windy.
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Re: Altai shelter

Postby FIGJAM » 5 years ago

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