Looking for location and projector - Refugee film festival

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Looking for location and projector - Refugee film festival

Post by grillz » Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:50 pm

Hey all,

I work for a nonprofit called FilmAid that screens film and teaches film in refugee camps in Kenya, Haiti, Thailand, among other places. In many ways the camps are a parallel alternate universe to Burning Man; similar setting, but our story is often one of privilege and theirs is often one of strife.

I'd really like to organize a film festival at Burning Man showing some of the stories the refugee filmmakers have made, as a way of encouraging empathy and understanding across different cultures, so I am looking for a group with a projector and a fairly large camp that will be able to help draw a crowd without needing to include this in the guide.

Is there a theme camp with a projector that I could borrow for a few hours?



HM Janice
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Re: Looking for location and projector - Refugee film festiv

Post by HM Janice » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:06 pm


Sounds interesting. I'm working on a project right now where your films could be quite interesting. I would like to reach out to you to see where you are with this and find out more about the films.

Jon La Grace


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