Looking for photographs for Bubbles and Bass

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Looking for photographs for Bubbles and Bass

Postby michbehr » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:12 pm

We need your help for our Art Bar: "Sunshine for the Soul"

As the ultimate expression of love and connection, Bubbles and Bass (2:00 & Engagement) is creating a mural bar of photographs depicting happiness. Photographs will capture people lost in the moment and living life to the utmost to serve as a reminder of the passion that lies within.

All we need are your digital images inspired by the theme above! We will do the printing. Want to participate or know someone who might, email us at bubblesandbass@gmail.com. THANKS!!


Don't forget to stop by our 4AM-11AM party on the playa featuring some of the best bass-tastic house music from the east and west coasts, free champagne, a hookah lounge, and circus performers/workshops/toys! WEDS AM-SUNDAY AM

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