Possible SANTA BARBARA Decom & Lizards Mouth Cleanup / EDM

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Possible SANTA BARBARA Decom & Lizards Mouth Cleanup / EDM

Postby gravity_sb » Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:38 am

Hey all!! Cant wait for the burn... it's been such a fantastic year and each and every week has so many amazing things happening. What a great year, and how wonderful to see all of our years of collaborating and generating love and good vibes is coming together into many a great thing... and faster and better and stronger (*smile*) than i thought many of us imagined.

what i would love to ask the BM community is their thoughts about (and what guidelines I would need to look into) for having a local event we are planning to have, and combine it as a Decom party in Santa Barbara. Dates we are looking at would be late September, early Oct... would LOVE to celebrate and have it on or around the autumn equinox. The [url]Lizards Mouth Cleanup[/url] (http://thecollectiveexp.org/Community-Activism.php) not sure if i did that correctly - sorry :D is a local event we have been planning with the forest service and local fire agencies to get some pressure washing for the graffiti off of this beautiful natural outdoor treasure we have in our backyard - a rocky area just 20 minutes above santa barbara that is reminiscent of sedona or new mex. we plan to have generators and a dj booth, set to have tons of local talent and some nice names, will have some art installations and fun things, some snacks and beverages for all the volunteers who want to come celebrate this amazing place and help leave it better than we find it. its a truly magical place i am hoping to attract some outside appreciation for, and welcome people into our community and region to share a day of celebration and community - love, unity, music, dance, hooping, food, sun, smiles and laughter.

so, does this sound like a good idea? and what is the criteria i will need to work with? much love, and many thanks :)
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