Performance Art Scavenger Hunt

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Performance Art Scavenger Hunt

Postby RenoRuss » Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:57 pm


Many years back we did a photo scavenger hunt and I'm reviving it this year.

I'm looking for camps that want to participate and general ideas. We've pretty much pegged the typical make out with people or do X at center camp stuff.

Ideas that keep people reading are really fun.

Here's some samples:
1. Have a drink with an umbrella in it - 10pts
3. Get the port-o-pottie line to do the wave - 6pts
4. Ride a bike on the pier - 5pts
7. Record the massacre at barbie death village [need location] - 6pts
8. Find 3 or more sparkle ponies at one location - 5pts
11. Extreme glow-tard - 6pts
12. Asian tourist with camera - 4pts
13. Flip off a segway - 8pts
18. Ride the orgasmotron - 10pts
19. Ride a ranger - 5pts
20. Get a picture of 2 or more DPW smiling - 1500pts
21. Get a body part autographed by official law enforcement - 10 pts - while handcuffed - 20pts
25. Smoke 3 cigarettes at the same time - 4pts
26. Give a shirtcocker pants - 100pts
36. Find a severe case of playa foot - 7pts
38. Fake an orgasm on a PA system - 10pts
39. Evap pond slip and slide - 120pts
40. Find live grass - 30pts
42. Find the meaning to life, the universe, and everything - 42pts

If anyone wants to participate, I will send the final draft of the list to them at their request. I would love to get pictures back. Basically, bring a digital camera, and have fun. People will do almost anything for you if you tell them you are on a scavenger hunt.

Much love!

miss assilem
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Re: Performance Art Scavenger Hunt

Postby miss assilem » Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:16 am

Hi friend

Sounds fun! Could you send the details, I would love to present it to my camp mates. I'm sure we'd love to hunt!

See ya on the playa soon : )

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