S - L - O - W

We're doing it wrong...we know
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Desi Arnaz
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S - L - O - W

Postby Desi Arnaz » 12 years ago

I've noticed that the bbs has slowed down considerably over the last few weeks...to the point where it's often too frustrating to use. Often up to a minute for a page to load. There are usually at most 25 users on when this happens. Something is really bogging down. It's not my local connection - I have a T1. Other sites load very quickly, including the main bman.com site. It's just e-playa that crawls.

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DVD Burner
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Postby DVD Burner » 12 years ago

yes we all know.

even though the board at any time says 25-35 people it's not the same 25-35 people at the moment.

hey wait a minute, you have a T1......why dont you donate a Pentium 3-4 with some serious ram to BM. they could really use it.

what are you doing with a T1?

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emily sparkle
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ayup. what dvd said.

Postby emily sparkle » 12 years ago

the eplaya is on the same server as the mail system. both will continue to be shockingly busy as we get closer to the event.

be patient.
:) emily sparkle
eplaya administrator

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Postby paps » 12 years ago

go slower enough
crescendo might just escape
oh well let it go

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Postby amnesia » 12 years ago

when it is too slow
time to shake a lazy leg
as i shave my crotch

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Postby nipples » 12 years ago

tree top greets the sun
would i wrest from that hurry
never this moment

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Captain Goddammit
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Postby Captain Goddammit » 12 years ago

Oh man, apparently it is too slow!
(just kidding...)
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Postby DE FACTO » 12 years ago

hey what happened?

eplaya seems to be working well today of all days......friday the 13th.

shall I bite my tounge?


somebody has been working hard.
even though...........

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