Freddie G-Film Screening @ B-Man, Anyone else?

Freddie G
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Freddie G-Film Screening @ B-Man, Anyone else?

Postby Freddie G » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:32 am

Hey I'm Freddie G. from York PA. I am planning on screening a rough cut of my independent feature film "Division of Joy" @ Burning Man this year. Although the film is not about Burning Man, we shot part of it at the 2005 festival. I'm trying to find anyone else who may be screening a film, so we can share equipment. I have a projector and am in need of audio equipment (the sound mix will be only in stereo for this rough cut), and a way to power both the video and audio. I have only been to the festival once before, when we did our initial filming. Has anyone else been to a movie screening at the man before? Any advice will be appreciated!

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