Looking for cinematographer

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Looking for cinematographer

Postby burnandturn » 5 years ago

We have 2 camera crews shooting a documentary.
and we need one more that can handle a red camera.
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Re: Looking for cinematographer

Postby trilobyte » 5 years ago

Red cameras are all kinds of fancy, but ill-suited to the environment. Have you never been to the playa, or are you just bleeding money?

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Re: Looking for cinematographer

Postby Recoil » 5 years ago

wtf is a red camera
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Re: Looking for cinematographer

Postby BBadger » 5 years ago

Recoil wrote:wtf is a red camera

Red Camera
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Re: Looking for cinematographer

Postby nuclear rabbit » 5 years ago

Such amazing cameras, but I echo Trilobytes statement.
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