Need photographers for project to spread the Ten Principles!

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Need photographers for project to spread the Ten Principles!

Postby sftex » Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:04 pm

Hi, my name is Tex and I have a project I'd like to ask for photographers to assist with.

You see, I wear clown noses in public, just to make people smile. :D :D :D


If you're interested, here's what I posted on Facebook about the act and why it's so important to me and how it's already changing people's lives.
If you read the info below and are interested and have a DSLR and want to help move this out to the world, I'd love to hear from you.
I'm bringing up to a thousand noses to the Burn this year... :P

Thanks in advance to everyone here that continues to inspire and mold the world into our vision of community!

Over the 4th of July, I talked to god for a bit, as we do out there in the seemingly limitless expanses...
Anyone there could reach out and grab the Milky Way, were they still enough and had a place to put it.
As it turns out, I couldn't hold onto the stars but they did spend some time with me one night.
When AM arrived and the camp slept, I woke and walked out into the still of the morning sunrise...blearly, ashy, shoeless. The speakers were powered up and I started a deep chill set to lull the camp deeper into morning REM.
As the shadows began to grow and a breeze slithered thru the tents, I squatted, rocked back and forth and certain things became clear. (WTN), the "simple happiness" and "passive cacophony" platform is, for now, my art, my mission.
It's stupidly simple, joyful and childlike. It's innocent and happy and it makes me smile as it does others.
I can clearly see and creatively visualize it's success. It's my path for now and accepting that stripped even more away from the few vestiges and tartar of my past personea.

In the short time I've dedicated to WTN, I've been overwhelemed by the conversations it's started.
Goddman, if I was a Bible-thumpin' preacherman, they'rd be some saved souls already under my belt!
You may have already visited this blog post about Stinson Beach:
If not, please take a minute.

The opportunities to set a spark in someone's life are just flooding in right now, every single time I wear a nose.
While in Reno, after Juplaya, we had a set of cabanas at poolside and it was a big party of ridiculous people doing what they do best, be ridiculous. (you may have seen the pictures) Hell, we were even warned a couple of times...Overall though, it was a fantastic vibe and our group of 30+ peeps warmed the whole area with awesome. During the day-long party, I wore my nose and found myself pulled into a few deep conversations with other guests. Literally, they'd engage me first about nose and then things just flowed. The little piece of red, spherical foam just opens people up...
You can just feel it, them wanting you to feed them. They are hungry, they are thirsty. Suntanned and at a resort, they know they are empty. ...and walking by was this dude with a clown nose, acting like it's "normal" My heart wanted to explode when these groups would stop me because I knew they were sincere. I felt the connections immediately. The universe put a magnet somewhere inside of me years ago and now it's on full power.

I have stories about the conversations, you should ask me the next time we meet.
Let me leave you with the one that told me everything, though, from the Monday pool party.

As Cat and I were getting ready to leave and I was ALREADY talking to a woman because she asked about the nose AND she was getting excited about the idea of a TTITD!, an older, tanned and monied matriarch interrupted to ask me a question:

"Excuse me sir...can I ask...are you all a big family?"
"Aww thanks but, no maam', we're not. Why would you ask?"
"I've been watching all of you this time and you just treat each other so well. Everyone seems like one big happy family}
"It's funny you'd say that because even though a lot of us here didn't meet until's just how we treat each other, like family"
"Well, it's been inspiring to seem to be the only people here enjoying each other's company"
"Thank you soooo much, that really made my day"
"You're welcome.....................and I really like your nose"
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Re: Need photographers for project to spread the Ten Princip

Postby sftex » Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:57 pm

Thanks so far for a few good responses!

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