Botanica Bodhi Maman Bejeezus!

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Botanica Bodhi Maman Bejeezus!

Postby chakrakhan » Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:14 am

We are the shop of magic and mayhem located in the French Quarter at 7:30 and E. If you have an afliction of the soul, cramps, indigestion, a lover that won't come back or a need to put a hex on someone. Come see us. Daily offerings of candle spells, herbal elixers, tarot reading and energy healings.

Using the Unholy Spirit, Roots, Stars and Candles To Guide You Through The Darkness

Please like our page on Facebook and join our events. ... 16?sk=wall

Monday the 29th at 4pm - New Moon Money Manifestation Check Spell
practice this simple spell each month and money will come to you from the most curious places bring a blank check.

Monday New Moon Ritual and Magic Tea Ceremony August 29 6:30
Celebrate and Honor the Virgin Goddess Virgo Dancing into our lives on the 29th, learn how to manifest what you would like.

Tuesday MARDI GRAS swing by in the morning and make a mask before the party

Wed Dancing Drumming and Strumming at Dawn 6 a.m.
Drums guitars cosmic tea booties shaking!

Sunday Jesus Complex
Why do Pagans give the goddess all the glory? If it weren't for the gods treating us so well we wouldn't look so good. We love you so all so much we wanna give you a complex, Jesus complex. We invite all men to the Broken Angel Bathhouse to have your foot soak and wash by an angel, or your angel (girls this is a call out your welcome to participate too) drink from a spiced wine soaked sea sponge and finally we will annoint with you holy oils of frankensice and myrhh.

As about our sparkle pony special. Bring us the hide of a sparke pony for our wall and receive a magikal present.

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