Theme Camp with a few open spaces.

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Theme Camp with a few open spaces.

Post by Dustdevil » Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:47 pm

Due primarily to procrastination in buying tickets, Brain Freeze / Got Stickers Camp has a few open spaces. We will be located on the SE corner of 4:30 and Anniversary. We have camp dues which support the power grid and infra structure. You will be expected to help with strike on Sunday morning. We do not have a community kitchen or shower. We have a great shade structure and many of our camp mates work in the Pyro industry and several are BM Staff. We will be producing two large pyro shows on the Playa this year and if you wish to work on one them, we would welcome you to the crew. We can support 2 or 3 more RV's and several smaller camp set ups. We may have some early arrivals available, but that is still in flux.

Please PM me for details.

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