Bringing you your Yeti's in High Def!

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Bringing you your Yeti's in High Def!

Postby DaBeaverFunk » Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:57 am

So we had an ambitious plan this year design a LED video coat, then build 5 of them. In 3 months.

This coat is a different animal then what has been posted here before. - We do really like that coat BTW, you've got RCA inputs so I can bring my Nintendo and follow you around right?? - Anyway, close to 4,000 lights per coat, max of 1.5kW of power. Full brightness control, for those deep playa moments, or hours :) We've got a couple more tricks up our sleeve so to say, everyone wants something to happen when you pet the Yeti's right??

Here's an early demo video

See you all on the Playa!!

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