Scalping.... The way it works !

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Scalping.... The way it works !

Post by nocturnal_steve » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:35 am

The entire scalping debacle nauseates me, certainly the scalpers themselves and to a lessor extent the people in need of a ticket who are offering perks, trade for high value items, dancing girls etc. thus feeding the frenzy. The scalper's post that I find particularly irksome start out "This is not for greed; Just to pay for my camp expenses; My finances have taken a turn for the worse or some such variation.

First off, I find it incredible that *most* of these people who could afford a ticket & anticipated expenses to Burn could have had such a drastic turn of events. They are full of shit or terrible planners. Even if their life did take a financial downturn , even if all of a sudden they needed a Kidney Transplant ... the way it works is that if they scalp a ticket to get a couple of hundred bucks towards that end, God will punish them . They will not find a donor, or the kidney will be rejected by their body .

I know this to be true because I have had direct contact with God and he has told me so . And I am an atheist.
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