Santa Cruz first time orphan burner looking for a camp

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Santa Cruz first time orphan burner looking for a camp

Postby Yesy » 5 years ago

Hello my name is Yesenia (yesi) and this is my first time going to burning man. I had originally planned to go to burning man with my friend but she lost her ticket and she is no longer able to go. I couldn't part with my ticket so I decided to keep it and travel to burning man alone. A little bit about myself, I go to school in Santa Cruz and I will soon be graduating UCSC with a degree in cultural anthropology. I work as a nanny, so I can cook, clean, and I can adapt really well. I like to sing, dance, cycle (mountain and road), arts and crafts, and taking long walks by the beach. I have enough supplies for myself and some to share as well, a bike, tent, and I would be arriving in a small car. Since it is my first time and I am going alone, I would like to have a camp to arrive too, but if that doesn't happen its okay I'm still really excited. I'm really shy at first and but I get more comfortable as time goes on, and I'm really easy going. I can't wait to go and I am really excited to make new friends. Thank you and I hope to hear some replies or suggestions of what I should do if I don't find a camp. :mrgreen:

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Re: Santa Cruz first time orphan burner looking for a camp

Postby The Bee » 5 years ago

Hi Yesi,
A group from Santa Cruz is creating a playa art installation called Another Door. I'm not sure if they still have room in their camp, but it can't hurt to ask. From their website: wrote:In addition to the sculpture we are constructing a large camp for all those involved. If you want to be a part of this camp please email

If you don't end up with a camp, don't worry. You will have a great time on your own, and you'll make a lot of friends, especially if you invite your neighbors over for some good cooking :wink:

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