Dr. Dreidel seeking characters and dancers, Center Camp Show

dr. dreidel
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Dr. Dreidel seeking characters and dancers, Center Camp Show

Postby dr. dreidel » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:40 pm

I'm Dr. Dreidel.
I do a character-driven hip hop act with chocolaty beats, celebration, delusions of grandeur, a drum machine and a korg triton keyboard. My accent isn't real but my pelvic thrusts are.
I am looking for gypsies, pirates, dancers, characters, and all sorts of colors and weirdness to fill out the performance space with me in the Center Camp nucleus (the center of the center) for my 'hip hop concert' on Tuesday night. Totally free form, packed with laughs and hip sways, no big whoop. If you like big beats and might have the urge to shake it out for 30 minutes, Please contact me for more info.

also, i have a FREE Black Rock City EP for the ride out and back, go here to download. it's a 9 track sampler of tasty grooves and weirdness pulled off an upcoming full length called Give It To Me Girl:
and here's a recent music video for vibe reference:


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