So? What Mutant Vehicles are you waiting for?

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So? What Mutant Vehicles are you waiting for?

Post by Galaxo Magic » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:52 am

Taking a page from the thread with a similar name.

I love the Mutant Vehicles! I can't wait for The Monaco, Charlie the Unicorn, Beau Le'Phant, the pink elephant, the Intergalactic Transporter, and the ones that are awesome that I have not heard about yet!

There have been so many great ones from the past:
La Contessa, the White Whale (2002-3), the Party Duck (with laser beams shooting from it's eyes), the Death Star, the Table Saw, Tank, and more . . .
Elephant trainer to the MV Beau Le'Phant, the pink elephant!
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