Zenith installation!- Get involved, or just come visit <3

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Zenith installation!- Get involved, or just come visit <3

Postby Smallfry » Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:27 pm

It's finally time! After all the work, Zenith will finally be making it's way home to the Black Rock Desert!We'll be located at 11:00 and 3000' from the man (ish).

Zenith is the vision of creating a safe and sacred space in the community of Black Rock City. It will be housed inside of a bamboo dome covered in fabric. Inside, there are 5 elevated meditation platforms, representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. They will be staggered in height, with earth being the closest and spirit farthest from the ground. Participants will be welcomed to meditate and seek refuge from the often overwhelming atmosphere that Burning Man will create. We will also have seating where people can relax, along with mini-zen gardens to rake. Everyone will be free to meditate on the platforms, rake the gardens, and leave offerings on altars representing the elements. To assist visitors in attaining a meditative state, each platform will have headphones attached. Headphones will play binaural beats, with sounds associated with the given element overlayed on top.

Come experience Zenith with us! Sit and meditate on our handmade meditation platforms. Listen to binaural beats. Lounge on some pillows. Rake our mini Zen gardens. Take a minute to simply breathe and find your center again!

On top of simply existing as the installation,... Zenith will host multiple events during the week. We will have aura healings, reiki sessions, and workshops (we'll post times as we sort that out). Not only that, but we will be hosting a special sunrise ceremony after the Temple burn! Come welcome in the new day with us! We will have chanting, fire performers, a drum circle, and a special resurrection suspension from the dome as the sun rises.

*If you would like to be a part of the ceremony or offer healing in our space, please let us know!


Friday, Sept 2(Time TBD) - Vibrational Physics..., Power, & Spirituality with Dylan Elmgreen

Monday, Sept 5 5am-7:30am- Sunrise ceremony and celebration

Dusty hugs and kisses, and we'll see you on the playa!!!


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