something funny about eastcoast regional known as pdf

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something funny about eastcoast regional known as pdf

Postby infinite monk e » Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:52 am

there have been massive complaints about the ticketing system used by the regional known as playa del feugo. it has been asserted that the ticket web master has rigged the system to keep out people who have "fallen out of favor" with the board that runs the event. as one of original members of the community that helped grow this event from a beach party with 50 people to the 1500 or so event it has become, this disturbs me greatly. i do not feel that the present board of directors adhere to the first principle of burningman, that of radical inclusion. i am asking for help in investigating the issue and bringing it to the attention of the burningman community as a whole and specifically to someone at bmorg for help in correcting this issue. i welcome your help

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