Welsh Burners - Where are you all?

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Welsh Burners - Where are you all?

Post by Cheyenne » Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:37 pm


So I was thinking that we have a pretty healthy scene of events for Regional Burners in the South of England - but virtually nothing in the Welsh hills. There are a few burners here in Mid Wales and I was thinking of co-ordinating some of the Welsh lot in Burner related events. I met a couple of other Welshies at BRC this year and was hoping to make it something a bit more consolidated.

a'r oes unrhyw un allan yna? Hoffech chi i adeiladu cymuned llosgwr yng nghymru?

Hit me up.. there are a bunch of venues we are able to use for get togethers in the hills!

Go Tigers!

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