Geocaching at Tattoo Oasis at 9:30 and Anniversary

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Geocaching at Tattoo Oasis at 9:30 and Anniversary

Postby attraversiamo » Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:57 pm

We are really excited to bring Geocaching awesomeness to burning man this year. Our theme/logo is “Let’s Cross Over” and we are looking at Geocaching as a way of promoting rites of passage and also the essence of our theme camp which is about marking significant transitions in the life cycle. Here are few golden words describing the gist behind our theme:

Leave behind something you love or something that will help you move forward. What you leave will tell your story and will create a vibration in the space and time. What you take will walk along with you in your journey. Lighten your hearts and cross over the hurdles and let this box hold your treasures.

You can find the container (cache) at our theme camp “Tattoo Oasis” located at 9:30 and Anniversary.

Quick summary: "GEOCACHING is real-world outdoor treasure hunting. Participant find Geochaching containers (aka. cache) and once found, they put something in the container and take something out of the container. They can also choose to log their experiences in a log book found inside the container.” For more info on what Geocaching is all about go to and if you have any questions or want more details you can contact geeti at “”

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Re: Geocaching at Tattoo Oasis at 9:30 and Anniversary

Postby HandJamMasterC » Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:45 am

Peritwinkles at Camp DOA is geocaching this year too - ... vents_2011

Just FYI !

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Re: Geocaching at Tattoo Oasis at 9:30 and Anniversary

Postby Peritwinkle » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:44 pm

Help! I received a trackable at Burning Man 2011 and passed it off to the brother of the website. I wrote down the tracking # but the number was destroyed. I cannot remember the guy's name or id. Did anyone else meet him? He has a long white mustache. Did anyone retrieve my caching canisters? Or if you are the ones who left me the wooden box to place, could you please send me the tracking #. Thanks! Kelly aka Peritwinkle

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