2012 Eastern bound decompression convoy thread

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2012 Eastern bound decompression convoy thread

Postby J/J » 5 years ago

Our drive back to upstate NY seemed longer and harder than the drive to Black Rock City. Plenty of burner traffic on I-80 east heading home distinguished by dust and bikes. What if we booked the same motels and shared some meals and decompressed together on that seemly endless drive. Just need to do a group discussion and a little planning to make it happen and still boogie on home. What do you think? First night at Winnimucca at the ______________ motel and a group meal at the __________ restaurant? And on to the next stop? Got plenty of time to work out details for our greater mental health!
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Re: 2012 Eastern bound decompression convoy thread

Postby Eddie » 5 years ago

That sounds like a great idea. I'll be heading back on a motorcycle so I might detour off the beaten path (last thing I want to do is drone along on a highway) to see the sights on the way back but can meet at predetermined spots for sleep\eats\debauchery.

There will be at least two of us riding back.

Where upstate do you live?

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